Join BA5!

Bisbee After 5 is growing, and welcomes new friends!

If you are a local business who would like to join us, CLICK HERE for information and the application! We'd love to have more venues for the After Party, for eating, for playing . . .

If you wish to be added to our monthly e-newsletter to see what is happening each month, CLICK HERE.

If you LOVE Bisbee After 5, are local, and wish to VOLUNTEER, please e-mail Heather at
We need help making this event bigger and better, and could use a few good people to help us out. Here are a few ideas if you'd like to help:

Do you like to walk? We need people to deliver maps to the hotels and B&Bs.

Like to talk? We need someone to call members once a month to remind them to attend our monthly member meetings.

Like to plan a good time? We need an After Party Coordinator! Someone to schedule out where the After Party will be happening each month, and to follow up with the businesses about specials and entertainment so that we can promote the After Party event.

Have a fancy camera? We'd love to have more people taking photos* of Bisbee After 5 events to post to our Facebook page, blog, and on print materials. Special THANKS to Kisha Adams who has already begun helping us out! She can't get to all of the openings in one night, so the more the merrier.

Do you like to blog? Take those artwalk photos one step further, and blog* about the art openings, the after parties, and the general great atmosphere of the artwalk! This volunteer position would be for the hard-core BA5 artwalker who never misses out, and it could be shared by a few people . . .

Do you like to interview people? Another blog idea -- do a special monthly blog* post on each of our BA5 merchants -- what makes them unique, why we should visit, what they offer the public.

Are you good at writing? Our BA5 merchants sometimes need help writing a short press release* for the monthly e-newsletter letting people know what is going on in their space. Many don't have time, or are out of ideas, and could use your help!

Are you good at pestering people? We need friendly people to send out  reminders and visit merchants who need to pay their dues. Most just forget, and need a little help remembering.

We will add to the list as we think of more. If you have any ideas, please send them our way! The asterisks are there to let you know that anything you do as a volunteer (photos, blog, etc.) is property of Bisbee After 5, although of course we will give you credit where credit is due! Help us out, we'd love to have you!